Cable Test Box

Cables are a critical part of any sensor measurement system and damaged cables cause frequent delays during test setup. PCB has developed a relatively simple device to test cables on a channel by channel basis for BNC, 10-32, and 5-44 coaxial connectors. Simply connect both ends of the cable and faults will be indicated for shield failure, conductor failure, or short circuit shield to conductor. Power is provided by a single, replaceable 9 volt battery.


  • Fault indications for shield, conductor, or short circuit
  • Compact and Portable
  • Battery operation (9V)
  • Easy-to-use


  • Validate cables pre and post-test to insure data integrity
  • Vibration, acoustic, pressure, force testing
  • Suitable for use during test setup or in cable re-validation

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Model Number400A84
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DescriptionCable test box
SummaryThe 400A84 will detect, and accurately identify cable faults for coaxial cables - continuity for shield, continuity for inner conductor, and shorted connection between shield and inner conductor.