Electronic Vibration Switches

Advanced technology for instantaneous protection

Electronic vibration switches are used to protect rotating machinery against failure due to excessive vibration. They consist of a precision accelerometer, circuit board, and one or more electromechanical or solid-state relays for alarm and shutdown protection when machine vibration levels become too high. PCB®’s electronic vibration switches combine smart ICP® sensor technology with time-tested switch designs to offer options suited for the toughest industrial challenges.

Mechanical vs. electronic switches

For critical machinery, electronic vibration switches have several advantages over mechanical units. Electronic switches use a built-in precision accelerometer to monitor vibration levels, rather than a spring-latch mechanism. They have no moving parts, are typically more reliable, and have a much higher degree of accuracy. Mechanical vibration switches are, by default, latching, meaning once they trip they stay tripped until reset by someone. Electronic switches can operate this way as well, but can also be set to non-latching. This means that after a relay is tripped, it will automatically reset itself when the vibration level drops below the alarm level.

Programmable set points

Electronic vibration switches from PCB offer the option of adjustable set points via our programmable ICP® accelerometers. These smart switches provide the user the ability to set a specific numerical value (in velocity) for the vibration threshold with programming software, putting an end to the era of unreliable set points.


Optional time delays

An additional convenience of PCB’s electronic vibration switches is the option of startup and alarm delays. A startup delay allows for an amount of time where the vibration level is ignored until the machine achieves steady state operation. With an alarm delay, vibration must exceed the threshold for a specified delay time period in order for the switch to trip. This can be used to avoid false trips, or a shut-down for random transient events, such as bumping into a machine.


Industrial-minded design

Our line of reliable, programmable electronic vibration switches includes a product for every industrial need, including:

  • Options of two set points with individual alert and alarm relays
  • 4-20 mA output signal for vibration monitoring
  • Explosion-proof models available

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