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PCB® has supplied high frequency, durable, quartz ballistics pressure sensors in both charge and ICP® voltage mode versions for over forty years. The Series 109 ICP® ballistic pressure sensors are acceleration compensated and have a ceramic coated integral diaphragm to attenuate thermal shock associated with burning propellants. This series also features a floating clamp nut that reduces strain sensitivity on the sensor body due to mounting torque. The ICP® integral electronics are protected from shock such as that found in gun test applications. Series 119 charge output versions are also available.

In the early 1970’s PCB® worked with members of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) to develop an accurate, durable, standard test method for sporting arms ammunition. Pressure sensors suitable for implementation into a standardized test method for rapid-fire production testing of ammunition were required. This method involved a sensor with a machined curved diaphragm that measures pressure directly through the shell case. Based on this success, the conformal sensor became a SAAMI/ANSI “National Standard” for ammunition testing.

Series 117B conformal pressure sensors measure true gun chamber pressure directly through an unmodified shell case. Since the sensor diaphragm is machined to conform flush to the specific chamber diameter, the measurement process is not altered or changed in any way. There are no cartridges to be drilled or troublesome gas passages to be cleaned when using the conformal method. Conformal sensors have proven to be rugged, stable instruments, lasting thousands of rounds. Since the same sensor may outlast the life of many barrels, it is possible to start and finish ammunition batch qualification testing without experiencing sensor failure during the test.

Keeping with our tradition, PCB® continues to offer a complete line of sensors for conformal and case mouth ballistic measurements. All PCB® sensors are provided with NIST traceable calibration. For pre-calibration stabilization purposes, all ballistic pressure sensors are hydraulically cycled at high pressures and most are test fired in the PCB® ballistic firing range. PCB® also offers a high pressure static calibration system, Models 905C and K9905D, for on-site use in ballistic labs. Side-by-side dynamic/static comparison calibration services are offered for PCB® and competitors’ ballistic sensors.

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