Get It Right on the First Shot


  • Ammunition and Gun Testing
  • Explosives Testing
  • Closed Bombs
  • Recoil Mechanisms
  • Ultra High-Frequency Detonation

PCB® has supplied high frequency, durable, quartz ballistics pressure sensors in both charge and ICP® voltage mode versions for over forty years. Keeping with our tradition, PCB continues to offer a complete line of sensors for conformal and case mouth ballistic measurements. All PCB sensors are provided with NIST traceable calibration. For pre-calibration stabilization purposes, all ballistic pressure sensors are hydraulically cycled at high pressures and most are test fired in the PCB ballistic firing range.

ICP® Sensors

Model 109D12 is an acceleration-compensated ICP® sensor for high-energy, high-frequency applications, such as detonation, closed bomb combustion and explosive blast measurements under extreme shock conditions. It is structured with quartz sensing element, built-in microelectronic, and an integral machined diaphragm for greater durability, overrange capability, high-frequency response, and improved linearity. This sensor incorporates a captivated floating clamp nut and a more stable structure for improved accuracy, reliability, and lower thermal transient sensitivity.

Charge Sensors

Charge Mode Pressure Sensors are well suited for high-pressure ballistics, detonation and explosive research and test applications. These sensors incorporate stable quartz-sensing elements, a durable-machined ceramic-coated integral diaphragm and floating clamp nut.

Model 119C12 is a unique, acceleration-compensated, high resolution ballistic sensor designed for high-pressure, high-energy ballistics, detonation, and explosive applications under high-shock conditions, such as those that might be encountered in howitzer and liquid-propellant weapons. Dynamic range of 100,000 psi available.

Conformal Sensors

In the early 1970's PCB® worked with members of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) to develop an accurate, durable, standard test method for sporting arms ammunition. Pressure sensors suitable for implementation into a standardized test method for rapid-fire production testing of ammunition were required. This method involved a sensor with a machined curved diaphragm that measures pressure directly through the shell case. Based on this success, the conformal sensor became a SAAMI/ANSI "National Standard" for ammunition testing.

Shot Shell Sensors

For production testing of shotshell ammunition per SAAMI recommendations, Model 118A07 measures chamber pressure through the case wall of an unmodified cartridge. The number of rounds capability has increased due to a recently modified design.