Superior monitoring solutions from PCB Piezotronics and Gantner Instruments

As production lines around the globe place increased emphasis on improved throughput and production capacity, the need for real-time monitoring and closed-loop control is more prevalent than ever. PCB Piezotronics' piezoelectric force and strain sensors deliver highly accurate and repeatable measurements that match the fast pace and high stakes of today's manufacturing environments.

PCB's piezoelectric sensors are compatible with EtherCAT electronics from Gantner Instruments for simple integration into digital systems. Gantner Instruments is an industry leader in the high precision measurement and control system markets. By partnering with Gantner, PCB is able to provide all in one measurement solutions. From selecting the correct sensor for your demanding application to integrating the digital outputs from the sensors, PCB and Gantner can provide customized measurement solutions for unique and demanding high speed production applications.

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions. Contact an application engineer today at our 24-hour SensorLine℠ to discuss your monitoring requirements.

Typical applications

  • Wire cutting and connector crimping monitoring
  • Stamping and press monitoring
  • Injection molding control
  • Spot welding monitoring
  • Semiconductor production force monitoring

Sensors & systems for industrial process control

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