High Temperature Dynamic Pressure Sensors

PCB® High Temperature dynamic pressure sensors are designed for operation at the highest temperatures. They can be structured with a quartz element (112, 115, 116 Series) or a UHT-12™ element (176 Series). Quartz sensors operate, without cooling, up to +750 °F (+399 °C) on compressors and pumps. Special mounting adaptors can be supplied to fit existing mounting holes. Water cooled adaptors are available to provide a lower temperature thermally stable environment that allow sensors to operate in applications above their normal operating range. UHT-12™ sensors operate without cooling up to +1400 ºF (+760 ºC) on turbines.

Hard-line cables are recommended for operating temperatures above +500 °F (+260 °C). The cable can be welded to the sensor for operation in pressurized environments. All of these features ensure reliable operation in high temperature environments.


  • Laser welded, hermetically sealed housings
  • Fused ceramic insulation connectors
  • Internal acceleration compensation minimizes vibration sensitivity
  • Calibration supplied at room temperature with thermal coefficients up to operating temperatures
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