Easy-Mount Clips

Many test articles may not allow for permanent sensor installation because of permanent mounting surface modifications to the test article. The manufacturing company or their customers do not want any changes made to the product being tested. Therefore, the test community has often needed a short term solution to collecting the required data. PCB® has the solution. PCB’s Easy-mount Accelerometer Clips offer practical and economical installation techniques for accelerometers in multi-channel vibration measurement applications.

The clips can be attached to the test structure via double sided tape or adhesive. Once the clips are installed, accelerometers are simply snapped into the clips and are ready to take vibration measurements. Anytime a sensor is mounted with a mechanical connection less ridged than a stud, screw or bolt this mounting is less stiff than desired. The effect of a softer connection is a reduction in the upper frequency response of the installation. Typically, the test engineer will have reduction in frequency response down to between 2KHz to 3.5KHz. The test engineer should confirm that the resulting frequency response is within the acceptable range of required data.

After determining that the resulting frequency response is within bounds, the test engineer is ready to proceed. More measurement points and orientations can be accommodated with fewer sensors by installing clips at all desired points and populating them with as many sensors as necessary. Sensors are then moved to remaining clip locations until all measurements are completed. Triaxial measurements can be made with single axis, cube-shaped accelerometers by changing axis orientation for successive measurements.

Typical engineering tests may define three axis of measurement in respect to the earth’s surface. But, in many cases, the defined sensor locations on the test article may not be oriented correctly. Thus PCB® has designed a sensor clip device to assist in the sensor orientation per the test requirement. Swivel-style clips permit sensors installed on curved or sloped surfaces to be aligned along the desired plane and axis. These clips rotate and pivot to provide full flexibility in alignment.