What are the Divisions of PCB Piezotronics, Inc.?

PCB Corporate Headquarters

PCB Piezotronics, Inc. has four major divisions, all of which offer targeted sensor technologies. These divisions are supported by an active outside direct sales force of Field Sales representatives, as well as international direct sales offices throughout the world. Individual PCB Piezotronics divisions, locations and their primary product specialties include:

Depew, NY, USA – Piezoelectric, ICP®, piezoresistive & capacitive pressure, acoustic, force, torque, load, strain, shock & vibration sensors.

Toll-free: 800-828-8840
Outside of the US: +716-684-0001
Fax: +716-684-0987
Email: info@pcb.com
Website: www.pcb.com

Depew, NY, USA – Industrial vibration sensors, bearing fault detectors, mechanical vibration switches, panel meters, cables & accessories for predictive maintenance and equipment protection.  Also providing pressure sensors and accelerometers for precision measurement requirements in the power generation and energy industries

Toll-free: 800-959-4464
Outside of the US: +716-684-0003
Fax: +716-684-3823
Email: imi@pcb.com
Website: www.pcb.com/imi-sensors

Farmington Hills, MI & Provo, UT, USA – Precision microphones, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, audiometric calibration systems.

Toll-free: 888-258-3222
Outside of the US: +716-926-8243
Fax: +716-926-8215
Email: sales@larsondavis.com 
Website: www.larsondavis.com

Other PCB® Companies:

Latham, NY – A global supplier of digital rotor telemetry, Accumetrics pioneered the application of advanced telemetry techniques to rotating machines.  Rotor telemetry is the wireless acquisition of measurement signals from the rotors of rotating machines.  Please contact us at:

Toll-free: 888-684-0012
Outside of the US: +518-393-2200
Fax: +716-684-0987
Email: telemetry@pcb.com
Website: www.accumetrix.com

Cincinnati, OH, USA –  offering a complete line of automated calibration systems and recalibration services to support dynamic vibration, shock, pressure, and force sensors.

Toll-free: 800-860-4867
Email: info@modalshop.com
Website: www.modalshop.com

Halifax, NC USA – Piezoelectric, ICP®, piezoresistive, acoustic, force, shock & vibration sensors.
Website: www.pcb.com