Accessories for Pressure Sensors

Installation Tool Kits

Installation tool kits are available to assist in machining mounting ports for applications where PCB® mounting adaptors are not used. The kits provide the tooling necessary for precision machining mounting ports for applicable sensors. Refer to specific installation drawings, listed by model number, found at, for a detailed description of flush versus recess sensor installation.

Mounting Adaptors

What are mounting adaptors?

Mounting adaptors are precision machined to accept PCB® probe style pressure sensors to provide a convenient sensor installation method.

Why use mounting adaptors?

When space permits mounting adapters reduce the need for precision machining required for the probe style connectors in locations where precision machining is impossible, impractical or simply inconvenient, the adapter can be mounted with a few simple steps. The sensor can be electrically isolated in many adapters to minimize interference from ground loop noise involved with operation on electrical machinery. Special adapter materials, sensor coatings, and insulating seals can be factory installed to isolate the sensor from noise.

Water-cooled adapters provide for sensor installation in high temperature applications for dynamic measurements on heat exchangers or other high temperature equipment. Water-cooled adapters allow ICP® and charge output pressure sensors to operate in applications with temperatures well above the operating range of the sensor by providing a stable localized lower temp environment. For example, an ICP® sensor, rated to +275°F (+135°C) will remain below +150°F (+65°C) when operating with a Model 064B water-cooled adapter on a +1000°F (+535°C) exhaust manifold.

Most mounting adaptors are made of high-strength 17-4 PH stainless steel. Care should be exercised to observe maximum pressure when using adaptors made of lesser-strength materials.

In sensor applications involving exposure to flash temperatures, an ablative diaphragm coating is beneficial. To captivate the ablative, the sensor may be slightly recessed in an adaptor, and the recess filled with ablative coating such as the PCB® ‘CA’ option.

A variety of popular adaptors are summarized in the following tables. Many standard and special adaptors can be supplied to fit specific mounting ports, or material requirements so please visit or contact a PCB® Application Engineer to discuss your unique needs.

Pressure Sensor Mounting Adaptors