Cryogenic ICP® Accelerometers


  • Cryogenic Pumps
  • Rocket Motors
  • Refrigerant Handling

Cryogenic ICP® accelerometers are specifically designed to operate at temperatures below the typical -65 ºF (-54 ºC) temperature limit of most voltage mode sensors. The use of specialized, built-in, cryogenic circuitry and quartz shear sensing technology promote survivability in demanding environments such as liquid nitrogen. Each sensor is hermetically sealed and individually tested to determine the thermal coefficient of sensitivity at -320 ºF (-196 ºC) ensuring reliable operation and accurate measurements. These sensors have been successfully used in the presence of liquid helium during structural testing of rocket boosters.

Choose from a variety of 351 series accelerometers ranging from lightweight units for minimizing mass loading effects to high sensitivity versions for sensing low-level vibrations.

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