Identify Acoustic Oscillations Before They Cause Turbine Component Damage

For more than 50 years, PCB® has specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative sensors and measurement systems for the gas turbine market. In those five decades, our expertise in combustion dynamics instrumentation has met the industry's most demanding requirements for dynamic combustion measurement and turbine engine monitoring.

With the move toward increased fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions, today's gas turbine engines are based on technological innovation yet also bring potential problems. Burning a leaner flame keeps NOx emissions low but at the same time increases instability (combustion dynamics) in the gas turbine engine. This instability can damage components in the combustion chamber such as nozzles, baskets and transition pieces, as well as downstream components such as blades, resulting in downtime and loss of revenue.

PCB offers a wide range of pressure and vibration sensors to monitor the combustion dynamics of a gas turbine in order to identify and correct acoustic oscillations before they cause damage.

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