Accurate Sensors for Testing in the Most Extreme Conditions

Before launch, payloads and rockets must undergo rigorous environmental testing to simulate the extreme conditions they will face. This testing includes subjecting the equipment to extreme temperatures, vacuum, shock, vibration, and acoustic stress; all of which can potentially damage critical components.

At PCB, we have over 50 years of experience in building sensors that are renowned for their exceptional reliability, accuracy, and durability. Our acquisition of Endevco's full line of sensors further solidified our reputation for providing innovative technology.

Whether you're launching a satellite into orbit or sending a mission to explore deep space, you can trust PCB to provide the sensors and products you need to ensure mission success.

Space Testing Applications

On-Board Solutions

In addition to our extensive line of sensors used for ground-based testing, PCB has a proven track record of creating sensors to support on-board monitoring of rockets, spacecrafts, and satellites during launch and operation in space. Our engineering team has the experience needed to meet your specific needs and solve unique space application issues. Learn more.

GOES Press Release
GOES-R illustration courtesy of Lockheed Martin

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