3-Component Quartz Force Rings and Links

Three-component dynamic force sensors are offered in both ICP® and charge output configurations for dynamic and quasi-static force measurement applications. Each utilizes an array of precision aligned, quartz sensing crystals. Measurements along the z-axis are proportional to applied compression, tension and impact forces. Measurements along the x and y axes are proportional to shear forces that are imposed upon preloaded crystals by the test fixture.

ICP® models contain built-in microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry to provide clean, low-impedance output signals that can be transmitted over low cost cables and in adverse, industrial environments. Multi-pin connectors facilitate a single point hookup with common, multi-conductor cable. Charge output styles achieve higher temperature operation, and are suitable for applications requiring flexible setup and maximum signal-to-noise.

Versions are available with ranges up to 10,000 lb (45 kN) in the z-axis (perpendicular to top surface) and to 4000 lb (18 kN) in the x- and y-axes. Both ICP® and charge output styles are available. Metric mounting holes are also available. The 261 series features electrical isolation.