The Toughest Sensors for Toughest Environments

PCB® offers a wide selection of products with reliable accuracy for testing in the extreme environments experienced by off highway vehicles. From one extreme to the other, we can provide sensors for your toughest equipment in the most challenging conditions no matter if they are baking in the desert sun, freezing in the arctic winter, or mired in mud at a construction site.

PCB® single and triaxial ICP® accelerometers are designed with a low temperature coefficient, wide operating temperature range, and good broadband measurement resolution. With a temperature coefficient as low as 0.005% / °F (0.009% / °C), and an operating temperature range from -100 to +356 °F (-73 to +180 °C) these titanium housed and hermetically sealed units are rugged and durable enough for any application.

Our broad line of accelerometers is engineered to meet these rugged challenges, by incorporating ground and case isolation. Electrically isolated accelerometers help avoid measurement errors and poor test data that can result when ground loops and stray electrical signals are present during testing.

Beyond vibration we offer a wide range of acoustic products, such as our water and dust resistant microphone and prepolarized high temperature microphones. Our ICP® microphones are plug and play with data acquisition systems, and offer the best performance at an unbeatable price, with unmatched service and support.

As with all PCB® instrumentation, these sensors are complemented with toll-free applications assistance, 24-hour technical support, and are backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees total customer satisfaction or your money refunded.

Choose PCB for your off-highway vehicle testing needs.

PCB sensors are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities, and together with our global distribution network and Total Customer Satisfaction guarantee, you can rely on us to deliver products and solutions for your demanding requirements. We have thousands of sensors in stock and ready to ship in our online shop. To discuss specific applications, please contact us or request a quote.

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