Modern prepolarized microphones are designed with newer technology than traditional externally polarized microphones. Prepolarized microphones have many advantages over the externally polarized models. They use ICP® power circuitry invented for sensors by PCB®. By applying a polymer coating to the top of the backplate and embedding a charge on it, expensive 200V power supplies can be eliminated and 2-20 mA constant current supplies or signal conditioners can be used as the power source.

Prepolarized models are better suited for portable applications or those in high humidity environments. An added benefit is the interchangeability with other test equipment such as accelerometers or piezoelectric pressure sensors. This lets you use low cost coaxial cables with 10-32, SMB or BNC connectors. With a multiple channel power supply, you can perform your vibration and acoustic tests within the same set-up, saving both time and money.


  • Modern design
  • Operate from ICP® sensor power
  • Low cost per channel
  • Uses coaxial cables with BNC or 10-32 connections
  • Interchangeable with ICP® style accelerometers and pressure sensors
  • IEC Type 1 compliant

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