PCB® sensors for high precision manufacturing

Lithography manufacturing is a process used to create patterns on a substrate, typically a silicon wafer, for the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs). A critical process in manufacturing semiconductors, it enables the tiny features required for the fabrication of modern microprocessors and memory chips.

PCB accelerometers and force sensors are used for a variety of applications to increase yield, ensure accuracy and improve quality in microprocessor manufacturing. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions. Contact an application engineer today at our 24-hour SensorLine℠ to discuss your testing requirements.

Typical applications

  • Wafer Handling – Dynamic force sensors are used for wafer handling, polishing and grinding to provide real-time feedback on handling parameters to prevent damage and ensure high quality of the final product.
  • Etching – Dynamic force sensors are used to monitor the amount of pressure being applied to the substrate during the etching process to prevent damage and ensure even application of chemicals. Accelerometers measure the vibration of equipment for uniform and consistent etching.
  • Cutting and Dicing –Force sensors are used to ensure optimal pressure applied by cutting tools such as diamond saws or laser cutters to avoid cracking or chipping of the wafer or individual substrate dies. Precision accelerometers measure the vibration of tools to facilitate clean, precise cuts.
  • Bonding – Dynamic force sensors are used during the die bonding and wire bonding processes to measure force applied to ensure they are bonded securely without damage to the package or substrate.
  • Final Inspection – Dynamic force sensors are used in probe testing and package testing to ensure that electrical contacts are properly made without damaging the semiconductor. They help identify any defects or abnormalities caused by excessive or uneven force.

Sensor Types for Semiconductor Manufacturing

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