Adhesive mounting pads, magnets, spot face tools, mounting studs, motor fin mounts, probe tips and epoxy are all tools used in the installation of industrial accelerometers.

  • Mounting pads may be adhesively bonded or welded to machinery surfaces at specific vibration sensor installation points. The pads ensure that periodic measurements are always taken from the exact same location, lending to more accurate and repeatable measurement data. Pads with tapped holes are for use with stud mounted sensors whereas the untapped pads are intended for use with magnetically mounted sensors. For permanent installations, the pads facilitate mounting of sensors without actually machining the surface onto which they are to be installed. Untapped pads may be utilized to achieve magnetic attraction on non-ferrous surfaces. All mounting pads are manufactured from resilient, stainless steel.
  • Magnetic mounting offers the most convenient method of temporary sensor installation for route-based measurements and data collection. IMI Sensors magnetic mounting bases feature rare-earth magnet elements to achieve high attraction forces to the test structure. This aids in high frequency transmissibility and assures attraction for weighty sensors and conditions of high vibration. Rail mount styles are utilized for curved surfaces, such as motor housings and pipes. Knurled housings aid in gripping for removal.
  • Spot face tools install into a drill and prepare the machine surface for accelerometer mounting, creating a smooth surface and pilot hole. The pilot hole is then tapped to fit the sensor’s mounting thread.
  • Epoxy kits provide a secure means for mounting accelerometers and adhesive mounting bases to machine structures. The small kit is intended for mounting approximately 10 sensors and the large kit is intended for approximately 100 senors.
  • Data collection extension poles allow vibration technicians the ability to stay on the ground, away from heat sources, while collecting the data required to maintain the reliability of machinery. The extension pole also offers quick access to measurement points, contributing to the overall efficiency of routes. The data collection poles are designed to be flexible to specific applications and equipment. IMI® supplies cables & connectors to perfectly fit any modern data collector/analyzer manufacturer. High temperature bushings are included to adapt to the preferred sensor.

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