High Temperature Charge Accelerometers (to 1200 ºF / 650 ºC)

PCB®’s charge accelerometers utilize piezoceramic or UHT-12  sensing elements to directly output an electrostatic charge signal that is proportional to applied acceleration. Charge accelerometers do not contain built-in signal conditioning electronics. As a result, external signal conditioning is required to interface their generated measurement signals to readout or recording instruments. The sensor’s charge output signals can be conditioned with an in-line, fixed charge amplifier. Since there are no electronics built into charge accelerometers, they can operate and survive exposure to very high temperatures (up to +1200 °F/+649 °C for some models). In addition, charge accelerometers are used for thermal cycling requirements or to take advantage of existing charge amplifier signal conditioning equipment. It is important to note that measurement resolution and low frequency response for charge acceleration sensing systems are dependent upon the noise floor and discharge time constant characteristics of the signal conditioning and readout devices used.

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