General Purpose Pressure Sensors for High Frequency

PCB® dynamic pressure sensors set the standard for extremely fast, micro-second response with a wide amplitude and frequency range. These characteristics allow them to excel in high-frequency applications, where minimum sensor diameter is required.

Tips from Techs:

When calibrating in air or other gas, apply grease to the diaphragm to avoid false data caused by thermal shock.


  • Fast rise time ≤ 1 μsec from quartz element
  • Ultra-high resonant frequency of ≥ 500 kHz
  • Frequency-tailored output without the “ringing” characteristic of most other sensors
  • Internal acceleration compensation minimizes shock and vibration sensitivity


  • Combustion Studies
  • Explosive Component Testing (e.g. detonators, explosive bolts)
  • Cavitation
  • Measurement of air blast shock waves

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