ICP® Free-Field Blast

The Pencil Probe is designed to measure shock waves caused from explosions in air. Such explosions are found in the industries of Defense and Mining, or wherever explosives research is conducted.

Series 137B pencil probes incorporate acceleration-compensated quartz sensing elements and integral ICP® microelectronics that assist driving the blast signal over long cables, with improved stability and durability.

Series 137B quartz, free-field, ICP® blast pressure pencil probes are offered with both 10-32 coaxial jack and BNC electrical connectors. New to the series are two-sensor probes that allow an easy way to capture shock speed close to the explosion. The pencil probes continue to feature an extremely fast microsecond response time, with resonant frequency above 400kHz.


  • Pressure ranges from 25 to 1,000 psi (173 to 6,895 kPa)
  • Rise time ≤ 6.5 µsec (incident)
  • Resonant frequency ≥ 400 kHz
  • The 137 series is available in single and dual-sensing element housings
  • 137B32 features an active sensor in the front and placebo in the rear
  • 137B29B is high sensitivity with exceptional resolution (0.002 psi) for low pressure measurements
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