Sensors for Product Testing

Since 1967, PCB® has been a premier supplier of precision sensors and instrumentation for major industries. Our design, engineering, and production teams draw upon state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities continually providing better sensing solutions worldwide. In a global marketplace driven by innovation and development, PCB has a sensor for every stage of product development.

Founded in 1947 and acquired by PCB in 2019, Endevco is one of the most trusted brands in test and measurement sensors. Combining Endevco's world class innovation with PCB's world class Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) enables us to provide products and service that are unmatched in the sensor market.

Unique Technologies

Both PCB and Endevco are known for their innovative designs. Some stand out technologies include:


ICP® is a PCB® registered trademark that stands for "Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric" and identifies sensors that incorporate built-in microelectronics. The electronics convert a high-impedance charge signal generated by a piezoelectric sensing element into a usable low-impedance voltage signal that can be readily transmitted, over ordinary two-wire or coaxial cables to any data acquisition system or readout device. They are simple to use and accurate over a wide frequency range which makes them the recommended choice for many testing situations.

UHT-12™ Sensors

UHT-12™ sensors incorporate a proprietary crystal design for more accurate, lower noise measurements at elevated temperatures. This technology reduces the effects of temperature variation, this pyroelectricity phenomenon may occur during large temperature fluctuations, generating "spikes" and disrupting behavior of the accelerometer and the test results. UHT-12™ sensors have an improved data quality.

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Endevco piezoresistive pressure sensors feature a unique silicon diaphragm design, which produces an extremely high output signal and high resonant frequency. It also results in extraordinary linearity and repeatability with virtually no hysteresis.

Product Lines