General Purpose Quartz Force Sensors

General purpose force sensors are offered in either stud or axial mounted configurations. They are internally pre-loaded and can be used for dynamic compression, tension, and impact force measurements. Tapped mount­ing holes on both ends of the radial connector style support link, platform, integrated link, and free-standing installations. The axial mounted type offers protection of the electrical connector and sensor cable from potential damage during drop testing and in free-standing installations. Supplied impact caps facilitate impact and drop force measurements.

Versions offering full-scale measurement ranges of 10 lb to 5000 lb compression (45 to 22k N) and 500 lb (2200 N) tension are available. For higher ranges, consider the dedicated ring, link, or impact-style sensor configurations. Applications include matrix print-head studies, drop testing, machinery studies, punching and forming operations, impact testing, fatigue testing, fracture analysis, and materials testing.


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Dynamic Tension & Compression
  • Impact & Repetitive Applications
  • Drop Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Fast rise time

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