Fastener Drive System

PCB's Fastener Drive Systems are available in a variety of speed and torque configurations, depending upon the size and type of fasteners and testing requirements. The systems are comprised of a rugged, heavy-duty industrial DC brushless electric motor and a dependable servo controller, that together provide the precise and accurate torque and speed that is required for threaded fastener testing. The system can be supplemented with torque multipliers to extend their torque and speed range.

Fastener Drive Systems are used in conjunction with other PCB fastener technologies (formerly known as our RS Technologies product line) Model 3200, LabMaster Professional, to provide control. Model 3200 is an advanced multipurpose system designed to perform automated threaded fastener testing and joint analysis. When the Fastener Drive System is used with the LabMaster Professional, the unit provides real-time data display as well as printing, plotting, and automatic data storage capabilities.

A complete test system also includes a rotary torque-angle transducer, a combination tread torque and clamp force transducer, a text fixture assembly for mounting all components, and a printer for data reports and plots.

Recommended Data Acquisition Instrumentation: LabMaster Professional, Model 3200, For Complete Torque-Angle-Tension Testing and Analysis of Threaded Fastener Components.

Fastener Drive System
Model No. RPM Capacity
089200-00524 0 to 614 RPM 40 lbf-ft
54 Nm
089200-00526 0 to 250 RPM 97 lbf-ft
132 Nm
089200-00528 0 to 127 RPM 192 lbf-ft
260 Nm
089400-00606 0 to 192 RPM 288 lbf-ft
391 Nm
089600-00621 0 to 102 RPM 576 lbf-ft
781 Nm
089800-00631 0 to 102 RPM 791 lbf-ft
1073 Nm
089120-01000 0 to 74 RPM 1095 lbf-ft
1485 Nm