Miniature Single Axis Accelerometers

Miniature piezoelectric accelerometers are required for applications demanding high frequency range, small size, and low weight.

Product testing is necessary in today’s competitive marketplace in order to optimize designs, reduce defects, and improve customer acceptance and satisfaction. Shock and vibration testing offers a structured approach for verifying survivability in environmental influences that may be encountered during service and for precipitating incipient failures so they are not encountered by the end-user. PCB® accelerometers are used extensively for monitoring an object’s response to a programmed vibration input and for controlling the vibration profiles during testing.


  • Small size
  • High frequency range
  • Light weight
  • Available in robust titanium or lightweight aluminum housing


  • Environmental Testing
  • Component Qualification
  • Structural Testing
  • Operational Behavior Studies
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Vibration & Sound Cancellation
  • Circuit Boards
  • Components
  • Small Assemblies
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