Product Literature

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Sensors for Research & Development

General Signal Conditioning Guide

General overview of our signal conditioners.

Four and Eight-channel Multi-purpose Signal Conditioners

For ICP®, Charge Output, and Bridge/Differential Sensors.

Modular Signal Conditioners

Series 440. Modules support ICP®, TEDS, charge output piezoelectric, and capacitive sensors and install into a variety of chassis sizes for versatility or customized requirements. Factory pre-configured models support popular requirements.

Multi-channel Signal Conditioners

Series 481A-498A – in 8 and 16 channel configurations. Conditions ICP® and charge output piezoelectric sensors in a rack mount chassis with gain, filtering and computer control.

Fastener Assembly

Torque Transducers, Hand Torque/Torque-Angle Wrenches, Portable Digital Transducer Instruments, Joint Simulators, Data Acquisition Instrumentation, & Accessories.

Fastener Testing

Data Acquisition, Torque Transducers, Load Cells, Drive Motors, Fixtures, and Accessories for Torque Tension Testing, Friction Coefficient Testing, and Other Mechanical Testing of Threaded Fasteners.

Sensors for Machinery Health Monitoring

Systems for Research & Development

BAS001 Omnidirectional Source

For reverberation time, room acoustic and building acoustic measurement.

BAS002 Amplifier

Amplifier used with BAS001 or BAS003.

BAS003 Directional Source

Sound source for building acoustics measurement.

BAS004 Tapping Machine

Impact noise excitation for sound insulation measurement in buildings.

BAS006 Impulsive Source

Impulsive noise excitation for reverberation time Measurement.

CAL150, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator for 1/2" microphones at 1000 Hz.

CAL200, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator for 1/2" microphones at 1000 Hz.

CAL250, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator for 1" microphones at 251.2 Hz.