Sensor Mounting Pads

Sensor mounting pads may be adhesively bonded or welded to machinery surfaces at specific vibration sensor installation points. The pads ensure that periodic measurements are always taken from the exact same location, lending to more accurate and repeatable measurement data. Pads with tapped holes are for use with stud mounted sensors whereas the untapped pads are intended for use with magnetically mounted sensors. For permanent installations, the pads facilitate mounting of sensors without actually machining the surface onto which they are to be installed. Untapped pads may be utilized to achieve magnetic attraction on non-ferrous surfaces. All mounting pads are manufactured from resilient, stainless steel. 

The quick disconnect adhesive pad and mating connector system allows for 1/4-turn mounting of sensors during route-based measurements. Simply install the adhesive pad at your monitoring locations and screw the mate onto the bottom of the accelerometer. The system shortens data collection time while providing a target for consistent sensor placement.
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