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Mini Shakers

Miniature Electrodynamic Shakers

From SmartShaker™ with Integrated Amplifier to Inertial Systems

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Miniature electrodynamic shakers are small, portable units designed to simplify your vibration testing needs. From the SmartShaker™ with an integrated amplifier, to an Inertial Shaker System for testing in hard-to-reach areas, mini shakers offer flexibility when testing. Miniature shaker systems range from 2 lbf (9 N) to 7 lbf (31 N) sine peak force excitation.


  • General Vibration Testing
  • Small Component Analysis
  • Biomedical Research
  • Modal and Structural Testing
  • Educational Laboratory Research
  • Impedance Measurements


Models K2004E01 and K2007E01 eliminate the need for a separate amplifier by integrating an amplifier directly into the shaker body. From use in corporations to universities, this all-in-one design delivers unique plug-and-play capability. Plug an excitation signal from a dynamic signal analyzer or function generator directly into the BNC input on the SmartShaker to initiate testing.

Miniature Shaker Systems

Models K2004E004 and K2007E007 Miniature Shaker Systems offer the size and flexibility of utilizing a 2004E or 2007E Miniature Shaker along with a SmartAmp™ Power Amplifier Model 2100E21-100 for maximum testing performance.

Inertial Shaker Systems

Model 2002E is well suited for structural testing as well as a variety of general vibration testing applications particularly in confined locations. The 2002E is available along with a miniature amplifier and accessories as part of the Inertial Shaker System K2002E01, allowing you to power your test easily. Combine the system with a PCB Model 288D01 Impedance Head or a Model 208C01 Force Sensor to create a compact force generator for driving point modal excitation or general purpose vibration excitation.

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lbf (N) pk
Hz *
in (mm) pk-pk
7 (31) 9 000 0.5 (13) 2007E
K2007E007 7 (31) 9 000 0.5 (13) 2007E
4.5 (20) 11 000 0.2 (5) 2004E
K2004E004 4.5 (20) 11 000 0.2 (5) 2004E
K2002E01 2 (9) 3 000 N/A 2002E

*Load dependent

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