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Shaker System Accessories

Shaker System Accessories

For Modal and Vibration Testing

In our commitment to providing solutions from sensors to systems for your testing challenges, The Modal Shop offers a suite of additional products that compliment your modal and vibration shaker testing. By clicking the links below, you can learn more about the products at


Accessories for Modal Testing

Lateral Excitation Stand

Lateral Excitation Stand
Model 2050A

Model 2050A simplifies shaker positioning for tests requiring lateral inputs. Automobiles, aircraft, space structures, and civil structures often require this setup when exciting all modes in a MIMO test. The stand is ideal when using a tensioned piano wire stinger, greatly reducing unwanted transverse force input into the test article.

  • Combining lateral and vertical excitation distributes input energy and helps excite uncoupled lateral modes
  • Provides versatility to adapt a modal shaker for horizontal input
  • Ensures proper alignment with coarse and fine vertical adjustment

AirRide® Test Support
Model 8032S

AirRide Test Supports provide isolation for heavy structures during modal testing, keeping the mounting (rigid body) frequencies well below the frequency of the first deflection mode.

  • Provides extremely low mounting frequencies for large rigid body test structures
  • Eliminates multiple mounting frequencies, as the AirRide’s natural frequency does not shift significantly with changes in load

Accessories for Vibration Testing

Horizontal Table

Horizontal Table Systems
Models K2075E-HT and K2110E-HT

Horizontal Table Systems support test objects that are orientation limited, larger, or heavier than can be attached directly to the top of a Dual Purpose Vibration Shaker. These systems offer flexibility in your testing capabilities.

  • Includes shaker (2075E and 2110E respectively), amplifier, lightweight magnesium table, and cooling package
  • Operates both vertically (no table) or horizontally with a 6 x 7.5 in (15 x 19 cm) horizontal table
  • Removes side loading from shaker suspension
Head Expander

Head Expander
Models 2000X01 and M2000X01

Head Expanders are used with the 2075E and 2110E Dual Purpose Vibration Shakers to increase the mounting area for vibration testing.

  • 7 in (18 cm) diameter footprint
  • Allows attachment of larger, less dense test loads by providing an increased mounting footprint
  • Machined from special lightweight magnesium alloy casting with 32 mounting holes (10-32 or M5 threads) in a 1 in (2.54 cm) square pattern