ICP® Accelerometers with Excellent Thermal Stability

The single and triaxial ICP® accelerometers are designed with a low temperature coefficient, wide operating temperature range, and good broadband measurement resolution, making them ideal for any vibration measurement requiring tight control of amplitude sensitivity over a wide thermal gradient. To alleviate the effects of high frequency overloads caused by metal-to-metal inputs, a low pass filter has been incorporated in all models, ensuring accurate data in the frequency range of interest.


  • Powertrain Development
  • Powertrain NVH
  • Vehicle Systems NVH
  • Component and System Performance
  • Vehicle Road Load & Durability
  • Flight Testing
  • Thermal Stress Screening

339A & 320C Series Highlights:

  • Broad operating temperature ranges (from -100 to +356 °F (-73 to +180 °C) with extremely stable sensitivity
  • 1 mV/g, 10 mV/g, 50 mV/g, and 100 mV/g sensitivities
  • Measurement ranges from ±50 to 500 g pk
  • Titanium housed and hermetically sealed
  • High overload shock limit ± 5,000 g /± 10,000 g pk
  • Available in stud, adhesive and through hole mounting configurations
  • Models TLD339A34, TLD339A36, and TLD339A37 feature TEDS version 1.0
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