Robust Sensors for Maritime Testing

PCB® has been one of the top manufacturers of accurate and reliable sensors for maritime testing for over 50 years. Our large selection of sensors and accessories are all backed by our Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) guarantee.

PCB's hydrodynamic testing solutions cover a wide range of applications. Our extensive line of underwater sensors include pressure, vibration, force, underwater blast, and cables.

PCB's piezoelectric pressure sensors are particularly well suited for dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence and cavitation, which require a fast response or rise time, ruggedness, and high stiffness in order to obtain a high frequency response.

Maritime Testing Applications

  • Propulsion testing
  • Tow tank & water tunnel testing
  • Sloshing and wave impact testing
  • Modal and structural analysis
  • Quieting and silencing
  • Ship Shock (MIL-S-901 Testing)

Marine Condition Monitoring & Control

In addition to our extensive line of test sensors, PCB designs and manufactures sensors and sensor systems for effective condition-based maintenance system and shipboard machinery health monitoring. Learn More

Choose PCB for your maritime testing sensors

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