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Measuring Mechanical & Pyro Shock

Dr. Ted Diehl

This three day training course by Bodie Technology CEO, Ted Diehl, PhD will teach about successful shock measurement. It will include in-depth lectures, hands on demonstrations, and the opportunity to get your questions answered directly from PCB's expert engineering staff.

May 14 – 16, 2024 | Buffalo, NY



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"Avoiding Measurement Errors: Signal Processing Impacts of ICP® Accelerometer Limit Violations"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Steve Hambric. In this webinar, we'll explore ICP® accelerometer design, helping you avoid measurement errors and ensuring precise data.

"Choosing the Right Sensor: Electric Vehicle Testing"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Carmine Salzano In this webinar, Carmine Salzano, Doctor in Mechanical Engineering, helps you understand PCB's automotive sensor technologies, how they apply to NVH, and how to choose the right sensor to avoid EMI interference in electric vehicle testing.

"Pulses, Tones, and Whines: Understanding Electric Vehicle Noise and How To Measure It"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Steve Hambric Learn about the many challenges of measuring electric and hybrid vehicle noise . Inverters, motors, and gearboxes generate annoying pulses, tones and whines which require new instrumentation strategies.

"Top Testing Protocols for Audio Applications"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Steve Hambric Attendees will learn about the requirements and challenges for the successful testing of new products — as well as how to avoid common errors. This webinar will provide practical, real-world knowledge for test and audio engineers to improve their testing practices.

"Understanding Sound Fields in Acoustic Testing: Choosing the correct microphone"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Steve Hambric Different sound fields and environments call for different microphones. Learn about the different types of sound fields and how to select the correct microphones for your testing and operating environment.

"Cryogenic Sensor Selection for Aerospace Propulsion"

Featured Speaker: Melissa Maze In this session, you will learn vibration and pressure measurement methods including: the limitations of sensors designed for cold temperatures, how to select the correct sensor for cryogenic applications, and which sensor performance parameters are affected by cold.

"Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables Designed for Space"

Featured Speaker: Bob Metz An overview of approved accelerometer design and testing practices used to achieve hermeticity and satisfy ASTM restrictions on TMP (total mass loss) and CVCM (collected volatile condensable mass) when exposed to a thermal vacuum environment.

"Methods to Use Force Link Stiffness Specifications to Construct a System Model"

Featured Speaker: Melissa Maze & David Ort Learn why the 3-component force sensor is a central part of a system's dynamic performance, a reliable way to predict the usable frequency range for a force measurement system, and common dynamic force measurement applications.

"Am I Doing This Right? Part 2 - Can Cables Limit the Bandwidth of Your Measurement System?"

Featured Speakers: Alan R. Szary & James Woernley, Precision Filters, Inc. Demonstration of filter effects with short and long cables and comparison of piezoelectric and piezoresistive shock data.

"Am I Doing This Right? Part 1 - Can Cables Limit the Bandwidth of Your Measurement System?"

Featured Speaker: Bob Metz Learn how the cable acts as an R-C filter, review the math behind the theory, and see the characteristics of good cables.

"Am I Doing This Right? Sensors for Shock Measurements"

Featured Speaker: Melissa Maze This webinar goes over design differences between piezoelectric and piezoresistive shock accelerometers, proper mounting in order to get good data, and calibration considerations

"Specialty Acoustic Applications"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard In this session you will learn the use of low-noise mics for quiet environments, the use of rugged microphones, and infrasound measurements.

"Sound Source Localization: Basics of Beamforming and Holography"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard In this session you will learn about nearfield acoustic holography and beamforming. You will also see examples providing practical applications of the material.

"Reverberation Time Measurements"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard Join us as we cover the basics on meter and sound source placement, common terminology, and how you can tell if your measurement is good.

"Speaker and Headphone Audio Testing"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard Join us as we examine proper test methods and instrumentation for Audio testing.

"PCB Small Arms Ballistic Training 2021 - Part 2"

Featured Speaker: Aaron Goosman Focuses on 117B & 117B25 installation and calibration, as well as oil and brass calibration.

"PCB Small Arms Ballistic Training 2021 - Part 1"

Featured Speaker: Melissa Maze Review of piezoelectric pressure sensor theory of operation, charge mode system and charge amplifier set up, and introduction to ballistic measurement methods.

"Sound Intensity and Sound Power"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard Acoustics Series Presented by Dr. Andrew Barnard

"Understanding Sound Fields in Acoustic Testing - Selecting the Correct Microphone for Your Application"

Featured Speaker: Dr. Andrew Barnard Acoustics Series Presented by Dr. Andrew Barnard

"Solutions for Vibration Testing on a Limited Budget"

Featured Speakers: Dave Martin & Marco Peres From traditional overall vibration measurement tools and dedicated instrumentation, to digital cloud based vibration monitoring solutions, join us as we discuss the key questions and considerations that will simplify your next vibration testing job... and stay within your budget!

"Solutions for Remote Monitoring"

Featured Speaker: Vic Viola Join us as we discuss various remote monitoring solutions and technologies, such as wireless, that can help you improve uptime and safety in your facility.

"Solutions for HydroPower"

Featured Speaker: Dave Martin At the core of the typical hydroelectric power plant is the turbine. This critical piece of turbomachinery needs to be closely monitored. Join us as we discuss a range of solutions available to create a successful vibration monitoring program.

"Solutions for GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Sensors"

Featured Speaker: Dave Martin Learn more about the basics related to vibration and pressure monitoring of a GE Aeroderivative turbine along with sensors that are more accurate, safer drop-in replacement alternatives.

"How To: Turning Your Phone into a Vibration Analyzer"

Featured Speakers: Mike Scott & Marco Peres, The Modal Shop & PCB Piezotronics (Presented January 2021) Did you know that your smart phone can become a vibration analyzer? Or a simple vibration meter? All it takes to unlock the power of your smart phone is a high-accuracy digital USB accelerometer.

"Troubleshoot, Don’t Trash: Calibrating Differential Charge Accelerometers"

Featured Speaker: Mike Scott, The Modal Shop (Presented January 2021) Learn how to troubleshoot high-temperature differential charge accelerometers found on gas turbines and their associated charge converters. This instrumentation can be calibrated as a system or individually, with NIST-traceability, no matter whether the output of the signal conditioning is dynamic AC current or AC voltage.

"High Temp, High Stakes: Pressure Probes for Combustion Monitoring"

Featured Speakers: Dave Martin, PCB Piezotronics & The Modal Shop (Presented February 2021) High temperature pressure sensors for monitoring combustion dynamics can help monitor levels and identify problems before damage occurs.

"Go Wireless: Converting Your Existing Vibration Monitoring Instrumentation"

Featured Speaker: Vic Viola, PCB Piezotronics & The Modal Shop (Presented February 2021) Join us to learn how installed accelerometers can be re-purposed into a sophisticated wireless vibration condition monitoring system that provides daily machinery health evaluation, synced to your existing system.

"Breaking Barriers: Getting Started with 4-20 mA Vibration Transmitters"

Featured Speaker: Mike Nero, PCB Piezotronics & The Modal Shop (Presented February 2021) Monitoring vibration is the best way to ensure the health of critical rotating equipment and eliminate downtime. What if vibration measurements were as easy as temperature, flow, and pressure? What if vibration were just another number, trend line, and alarm in your control room?

"Ditch the Service Contract: On-Site Vibration Analyzer Calibration"

Featured Speaker: Mike Scott, The Modal Shop (Presented February 2021) Do you have an "older" vibration analyzer that the OEM will not calibrate? Are you looking for an alternative to an expensive vibration analyzer service contract? Join us to learn how to "calibrate" a portable vibration analyzer and its associated accelerometer onsite, from the comfort of your facility.

"Basics of Piezoelectric Accelerometer Selection"

Featured Speaker: Ken Watkins Ken Watkins, Technical Sales Specialist, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on May 21, 2020) goes over types of acceleration, transduction, frequency response, selecting the righ accelerometer, mounting methods, and typical applications.

"Basics of Acoustic Calibration"

Featured Speaker: Chad M. Walber, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on February 21, 2019) Basic overview of microphone calibration

“Introduction to Acoustics”

Featured Speaker: Chad M. Walber, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on January 17, 2019) Overview of acoustics and acoustic measurement.

“Sound Power Basics”

Featured Speaker: Chad M. Walber, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on October 18, 2018) Overview of acoustics and sound power measurements.

“Advanced Acoustics Concepts”

Featured Speaker: Chad M. Walber, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on September 20, 2018) Advanced overview of acoustic concepts such as fourier transform, acoustic waves, directivity, and arrays.

“How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Acoustics Measurements”

Featured Speaker: Mark Valentino, Product Manager, PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Presented on June 21, 2018) Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes in acoustic measurements from one of PCB Experts, Mark Valentino.

“Environmental Noise Monitoring”

Featured speaker Ken Cox, Electrical Engineering PCB Piezotronics, Inc. (Presented on May 17, 2018) Join our electrical engineering experts to learn about environmental noise monitoring where we explain how to use muchrophones outdoors and what is considered a good outdoor measurement.