Streamline your data collection safely with the Echo® Wireless system

The Echo® Wireless is a simple, effective, alarm-based vibration monitoring system designed to keep you ahead of potential faults without compromising the safety of your maintenance team. Its wireless transmitter allows for monitoring more channels with fewer resources—especially convenient for machines in tight spaces, harsh environments and hard-to-reach-areas.

Echo® Wireless sensors can be programmed to check in on your machinery health several times a day and send data to your existing vibration monitoring system for comprehensive trend tracking. No more resources wasted on unscheduled downtime, monitoring healthy machines, and long cable runs!

Choose PCB for comprehensive wireless vibration monitoring solutions

The Echo® Wireless vibration monitoring system has been tested in power, steel, food processing, paper, chemical and automotive plants. For a consultation in your facility, contact us at 1-800-828-8840 or request a quote.

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