High sensitivity ICP® accelerometers are specifically designed to enable the detection of ultra-low-level, low-frequency vibrations associated with very large structures, foundations, and earth tremors. These sensors typically possess exceptional measurement resolution as the result of its comparatively larger size, which furnishes a stronger output signal and a lower noise floor.All units are hermetically sealed in a titanium or stainless steel housing. Models that include a 2-pin, military style connector provide the added benefit of being electrically case isolated for superior RF and EMI protection.

Vibration monitoring of buildings, monuments, and critical infrastructure is becoming a key component in smart cities to identify exactly how much stress has been applied to a structure. This applies the highest degree of occupant protection during full-capacity or environmental events and greatly reduces the amount of time required to assess for damage. Studies have shown that crowds of people in a stadium grandstand or theater balcony impart tremendous forces and harmonic motion to the structure when the crowd acts in a synchronous manner. Earth tremors, foot traffic, and trucks and trains can impart vibration, which can cause a structure to sway, shift, crumble, or collapse. Permanently installed high-sensitivity accelerometers provide real-time data used for trending, analyzing, and alerts. When structural motion approaches established safety thresholds, alerts, warnings and emergency response plans can be initiated.

Decaying infrastructures, particularly bridges, have received heightened awareness in recent years. Among the several techniques for determining the health and longevity of civil structures, vibration measurements are used for continuous monitoring, modal analysis, and structural integrity investigation. High sensitivity accelerometers generate signals in response to a variety of stimuli including traffic, wind, and programmatic impulse. When analyzed, these signals provide insight for determining the condition and safety of the structure. This investigative analysis can lead to recommendations for remedial construction or further monitoring.


  • Resolution down to 1 µg rms broadband
  • Extended low frequency measurement capability
  • Hermetically sealed


  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Smart Infrastructure - foundation, floor vibration, & security monitoring
  • Earthquake detection / Sway fatigue analysis
  • Structural testing of bridges and foundations
  • Geological formation studies

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