Fastener Torque Tension Load Cell

For Use in Measuring and Analyzing Threaded Fastener Characteristics in Production Lot Testing and R&D Studies

RS Technologies Series FT9000 & FTA9000 Fastener Tension and Fastener Torque-Tension Load Cells use a full bridge strain gage design. This complete line of fastener testing load cells provides a signal proportional to the tension developed in a test fastener when the tightening torque is applied. In addition, the fastener torque-tension version, also referred to as a research head, measures the thread torque (pitch torque plus thread friction torque) at the same time. The tension or torque-tension output signals from either type of load cell are read using conventional strain gage readout device or recorded by a data acquisition system. These load cells serve as an integral part of a torque-tension fastener test system when used with a torque-angle sensor and a suitable data acquisition instrument; Model 962 Portable Data Recorder, Model 3210 LabMaster Portable, or Model 3200 LabMaster Professional, available from RS Technologies, are recommended. PCB provides calibration services for this and their other torque and force products at its A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


  • Fastener tension load cell capacities range from 3372 lbf to 112 klbf (15 kN to 500 kN)
  • Fastener Torque -Tension load cell capacities range from 4496 lbf to 405 klbf (20 kN to 1,800 kN)
  • Uses standard Skidmore-Wilhelm plates
  • Slotted base allows for fast and easy securing to existing test fixtures


  • Measure/Analyze Threaded Fastener Characteristics
  • Perform Laboratory Evaluation of Fastener Tension & Thread Torque Characteristics
  • Measure Fastener Tension and/or Thread Friction Torque During Rundown Operations
  • Test Special Devices (such as locknuts, serrated underheads, etc.)
  • Measure Effects of Materials, Surface Finishes, Platings, & Coatings