Tools for Accelerometer Mounting and Removal

Accelerometer removal tools help avoid sensor damage and assist with the removal of adhesively mounted "teardrop"-style accelerometers. After using a debonding agent, the removal tool applies a shear force. This shear force is applied by a slow twisting motion to the sensor breaking the bond of most glues and epoxies.

Probe tips install onto accelerometers to enable their use as handheld vibration sensors. This technique is useful if installation space is severely limited or for determining installation locations where vibration is most prevalent.

Model Number Applicable Sensor(s)
039A27 352A21, 352C22, 357A09, 357C10, 352A25
039A26 352C23, 352A73
039A28 352A24, 357A07
039A29 357A08
039A07 740B02, 740M04
039A32 352A71, 352A72
039A08 0.4 in (10.2 mm) cube shaped accelerometers
039A09 0.45 in (11.4 mm) cube shaped accelerometers
039A10 0.55 in (14 mm) cube shaped accelerometers
039A12 0.8 in (20.3 mm) cube shaped accelerometers
039A33 0.25 in (6.3 mm) cube shaped accelerometers
Model 080A09
Model 080A09

Probe Tip with 10-32 tapped hole

Model 076A22
Model 076A22

BNC connector tool helps grip BNC's for connection to crowded panels

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