Triaxial Mounting Adaptors

Triaxial accelerometer mounting adaptors increases the utilization of your present inventory of single axis sensors when you need to take measurement from 3 directions at a sensor(s) location. It is always best to use triaxial accelerometers but for cost avoidance issues triaxial mounting adaptors offer an economical option. These adaptors mate to three standard single axis accelerometers to monitor vibration in three orthogonal axes.

Hex size listed represents the maximum allowable hex size for the installed single axis accelerometers.

Is it always best practice to use vender manufactured mounting adaptors instead of end user made mounting devices.

PCB® and other venders manufacture a variety of single axis accelerometers. These sensors may have various different sizes, dimensions, mounting hole sizes and thread sizes. Therefore, PCB makes several different triaxial mounting adaptors for use with the variety of sensors available.

  • 080A55
  • 080A57
  • 080A62
  • 080A153
  • 080A180
  • 080B10
  • 080B11
  • 080B16