Multi-purpose Signal Conditioners

The 482C series of signal conditioners are 4 channel bench top units. The 483C series of signal conditioners are 8 channel rack mounted units. The same signal conditioning electronics are used in comparable 4 and 8 channel models.

Both series include basic stand-alone units as well as units with more powerful features such as a front panel keypad and display or an Ethernet port for computer control. Additional features include gain, filtering, LED fault indicators, and TEDS capability.


  • 4 channel bench top models
  • 8 channel rack mount models
  • Conditions multiple sensor types
  • Adjustable constant current to sensor

MCSC Control Software

MCSC Control Software

All signal conditioners that have an RS-232 or Ethernet interface are supplied with PCB’s Multi-Channel Signal Conditioner control software. This easy to use software displays a table of the unit’s current settings for each channel. Users can change any setting by simply changing values in the table. Controllable settings include sensor input type, gain, filtering, and excitation current.
Compatible with Windows 7 and above.