PCB is focused on delivering quality automotive sensors

PCB offers a full line of sensors for motorsports, component and system performance, road load data acquisition, vehicle and component durability, powertrain development, electric and hybrid vehicles, NVH, and other automotive applications. Obtain precision measurements with accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, torque sensors, force sensors, and load cells. Our automotive sensors serve many purposes.

  • PCB sensors are thermally stable over a wide temperature range
  • Single-ended and differential MEMS DC sensors can be used to measure acceleration down to 0 Hz.
  • Our ground isolated accelerometers are specifically for electric vehicle testing applications
  • Endevco offers a complete family of accelerometers, angular rate, and pressure sensors for auto safety testing applications
  • Specifically designed high temperature accelerometers to support the demanding environment of championship motorsport teams

Choose PCB for your automotive sensor needs.

We have thousands of automotive sensors to choose from to fill your needs. Find, compare, and shop sensors and accessories online. To discuss specific applications, please contact us or request a quote.