ICP® Shock Accelerometers

Piezoelectric ICP® accelerometers afford a very high signal output (+/- 5 volts full scale) and the ease of two-wire electrical connectivity. Their inherent ruggedness enables them to be severely over ranged without damage. The addition of internal mechanical isolation minimizes the high frequency stress that would otherwise be encountered by their ceramic sensing elements. This mechanical isolation, coupled with an internal 2-pole electrical filter, built into the ICP® circuitry, tailors the overall accelerometer response to assure data quality to frequencies as high as 10 kHz. Depending on the specific model, accelerations in excess of 50 kg can be successfully measured. These modern designs, with their internal elastomeric isolation materials are verified through calibration to remain dynamically linear and are enabling piezoelectric accelerometers to operate in increasingly severe acceleration environments.


  • Built-in Mechanical Isolation
  • Built-in Electrical Filter
  • Lightweight titanium construction
  • Hermetically sealed for harsh environments
  • Available with integral cable or electrical connector


  • Metal to metal impact
  • Nearfield & farfield pyroshock
  • Shaker Shock
  • Explosive bolts & stage separation
  • Pile Driver Monitoring
  • Body Armor and Helmet Testing
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