For Torque-Angle-Tension Testing of Threaded Fastener Components

PCB's Model 962 Portable Data Recorder is a battery-operated, transient recorder with two transducer inputs that can be used with torque-only, torque-angle, or force transducers. It can serve as a portable threaded fastener laboratory for measuring fastener torque, angle of turn, and clamp load. Ideal for performing fastener analysis, for auditing and certifying power tools, and for testing hand torque wrenches; Model 962 is a cost effective, versatile, and easy-to-use recorder that can collect numeric peak data, XY graphic plots, and store the data to a thumb drive. The data can be easily displayed or printed on a PC running FastPlot2 software. The alphanumeric setup and calibration menus assure ease of operation. The unit can be used with all RS Technologies' rotary torque-angle and clamp force transducers and other conventional and industry-standard strain gage transducers.

Model 962 can print out a numeric data report that contains basic information about the test along with time & date-stamped data for peak torque, angle of turn, clamp load, and torque at tension data. Statistics including high, low, median, ±3 Sigma, etc. are calculated and included on this report. The numeric test data and the graphic data can be uploaded to a computer via the USB port using the FastPlot2 data transfer and plotting utility. FastPlot2 can also provide additional graphic analysis.

PCB Piezotronics manufactures precision accelerometers to measure vibration, shock, acceleration, and motion for monitoring, control, and testing applications. ICP®, PE, MEMS and Capacitance sensing technologies are used to fulfill a wide assortment of measurement requirements. Accelerometers are used by field test, in factory production and design as well as Research and Development organizations to acquire critical data. In addition to our precision miniature units, rugged accelerometers and vibration sensors for industrial machinery vibration monitoring are offered by our IMI Sensors division.


  • Measure and record torque, angle, and clamp load characteristics of threaded fastener components
  • Streamlined menu system with a tactile feel keypad, USB ports, and analog output
  • Two input channels for torque transducers, torque-angle transducers, or fastener tension load cells
  • Record graphic data to plot: torque vs. angle, torque vs. tension, torque vs. time, and more
  • Print both numeric and graphic data
  • Upload numeric and graphic data to a PC via FastPlot2 software


  • Verify Fastener Torque-Tension
  • Analyze Torque Angle Signatures
  • Audit, Calibrate, or Certify Performance of Power Tools and Hand Torque Wrenches
  • Dynamic Monitoring of Power Tool Testing
  • Troubleshoot Problematic Joints

Portable Data Recorder, Model 962
Input Range ±2.5 mV/V, ±4.5 mV/V, ±5 VDC
Excitation 5 VDC, 120 mA Maximum (FS)
Resolution 21-bit
Non-linearity 0.25% Maximum
Frequency Response 10 kHz
Positive Voltage Peak Trap Circuit 7 ms Reset Time
Peak Threshold Software Programmable
Peak Reset Manual or, Software Programmable (Automatic Reset)
Angle Input Channel
Type Quadrature A/B Track
Excitation 5 VDC
Input Frequency 1000 kHz Maximum
Viewing Area 4.85 x 2.68 in
123 x 68 mm
Resolution 240 x 128 Pixels, Backlit LCD
Indication Battery Low Indication
Battery Life 8 8 Hours Maximum, Continuous Use
Charge Time 3.5 Hours, Maximum
Temperature Range +32 to +158 °F
0 to +70 °C
Size (W x D x H) 10.12 x 8.50 x 3.25 in
257.0 x 215.9 x 85.1 mm
Weight 6.0 lb
2.7 kg
Charge Time 3.5 Hours, Maximum
Mating Connectors
Size (W x D x H) 10.12 x 8.50 x 3.25 in
257.0 x 215.9 x 85.1 mm
Channel 1 and Channel 2 DB, 15 Pins
TTL/IO DB, 25 Pins
USB Port A A Type
USB Port B B Type
Supplied Accessories
FastPlot2 Upload/Graphing Utility for PC Running Windows® 2000, XP, Battery Charger
Serial Cable with USB Adapter, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, & A2LA Accredited
Calibration Certificate