Portable Digital Transducer Instrument

For Product Audits, Tool Setup and Calibration, In-process SPC, & Troubleshooting

Model 920 Portable Digital Transducer Instrument can be used with other PCB fastener products (formerly known as our RS Technologies product line) such as the Stationary Torque Tool Transducer, Rotary Torque Transducers, Force Washers, and more.

The instrument fits comfortably in your hand, and is powerful and accurate enough to be used as a primary standard for auditing most torque applications in manufacturing and quality departments. When connected to a Rotary Torque Transducer, the unit can be used to test the capability of power tools, verify the accuracy of hand tools, monitor the capability of a fastening process, or audit the quality of an assembled joint. Model 920 can also be easily set up for use with force washers, clamp force sensors, and other transducers to measure fastener assembly preload, press force, pressure, and numerous other applications.

Model 920 can monitor and record data quickly, easily, and accurately. The alphanumeric display is easy to read and prompts you through setup and operation as needed. The unit displays track and peak torque or force simultaneously and measures in either the clockwise or counterclockwise (compression or tension) direction. Model 920 can also read the auto ID chip in RS Technologies' transducers to simplify setup.

The built-in serial port allows for printing data and statistics right from the unit. The recorded data can also be uploaded to a personal computer for further analysis using the HyperTerminal application provided with Microsoft Windows®.

PCB provides calibration services for this and their other torque and force products at its A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


  • Simultaneous display of track and peak data
  • Collects up to 300 time and date stamped readings
  • Compatible with most conventional strain gage transducers
  • Selectable units of measure
  • Selectable filter for use with power tools
  • Calculated population and sample size statistics
  • Serial port for printing reports or uploading data to a computer
  • Reads RS Technologies' auto ID chip for simple set up


  • Calibrate Hand Torque Wrenches Including “Click” Type Wrenches
  • Setup and Test Assembly Tools
  • Perform Post-Assembly Torque Audits On Threaded Fasteners
  • Troubleshoot & Analyze Bolted Joints
  • Measure Fastener Clamp Load
  • Monitor Press Force