Ballistic Peak Pressure Monitoring System

Model 444A53

A Product of the Aerospace & Defense Division

The Model 444A53 is a modular-style signal conditioner that combines a dual-mode amplifier module (443B102), a peak voltage monitoring module (444A152), and an AC power supply module (441A101) into one, integrated device. The unit connects directly with an ICP® or charge output pressure sensor, normalizes sensor sensitivity and displays peak transient measurement signals in voltage or pressure units.

Unlike a digitizing peak detector, which is limited in accuracy by the sampling rate, the 444A152 peak monitoring module captures the true peak voltage of the transient event. Additionally, the module incorporates a 20 kHz low pass filter, offers reset capability between events and delivers an analog output signal to profile the entire pressure event.

This device is ideal for barrel chamber pressure testing, lot testing of ammunition and cartridge load studies. Two alternative versions (Models 444A51 and 444A52) eliminate the dual mode amplifier module and are intended for direct connection to ICP® pressure sensors, any direct voltage input, or for existing systems that already utilize a separate charge amplifier.

As with all PCB® instrumentation, this equipment is complemented with toll-free applications assistance, 24-hour customer service, and is backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees satisfaction or your money refunded.

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