PCB® and Endevco® offer several unique types of accelerometers & pressure sensors for blast, gun, and shock testing.

Our piezoelectric & piezoresistive shock accelerometer designs contribute to the improved measurement of both high-g and pyrotechnic shock.

Piezoelectric ICP® accelerometers afford a very high signal output (+/- 5 volts full scale) and the ease of two-wire electrical connectivity. Their inherent ruggedness enables them to be severely over ranged without damage.

Piezoresistive shock accelerometers measure transient motion down to DC and respond to extremely fast rise times typical of a high-g shock event. Manufactured by MEMS technology, both damped and undamped designs are available.

PCB is well known for our quartz ICP® piezoelectric blast pressure sensors; now we also offer Endevco's piezoresistive blast pressure sensors. Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensors feature fast response time to measure shock waves; DC coupled with both gauge & absolute pressure measurement capability; broad linear frequency response; and stable performance over temperature.

Applications for explosives, gun, and impact testing sensors

  • Blast Pressure Testing
  • Ballistic Testing
  • Shock/Pyroshock Testing
  • Explosive Weapons Testing
  • Ammunition Production Testing

Choose PCB for your pressure & shock solutions.

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