• Smart Infrastructure - foundation, floor vibration, & security monitoring
  • Earthquake detection / Sway fatigue analysis

  • Structural testing – bridges, foundations,
    & pre-stressed concrete assemblies
  • Geological formation studies

Earth tremors, foot, truck and automobile, road and bridge traffic, trains or other seismic events, impart low frequency vibration on foundations intended to support these daily activities. These vibratory loads accumulate as stress and may degrade the structure. Smart infrastructure includes active measurement with real-time data logging that informs operators on structural integrity - critical during unforeseen loading scenarios. Cities of the future will manage not only new structures but also those with critical or historical value, reducing potential for catastrophic failure.

PCB® is supporting advancements in sensor technology to take low frequency measurements to micro-g levels with ICP® accelerometers. In doing so, structural integrity data can be obtained on a routine, real-time basis. Permanently installed, high-output accelerometers are being mounted to bridges, walkways, highways, buildings, and other large structures to capture important trending data. Information gathered will aid engineers in evaluating structural integrity and alert communities when safety thresholds are approaching. This type of preventive maintenance can warn engineers that structural repair is necessary before a major catastrophe occurs.

PCB’s high sensitivity ICP® accelerometers are specifically designed to enable the detection of ultra-low-level, low-frequency vibrations associated with very large structures, foundations, and earth tremors. These sensors typically possess exceptional measurement resolution as the result of its comparatively larger size, which furnishes a stronger output signal and a lower noise floor. All units are hermetically sealed in a titanium or stainless steel housing. Models that include a 2-pin, military style connector provide the added benefit of being electrically case isolated for superior RF and EMI protection.

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