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Battery Powered ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners

Battery powered signal conditioners provide a portable, convenient method for powering ICP® sensors and ICP® in-line charge converters. Integration into any measurement chain is easy. Simply connect a cable from the sensor to the input and a cable from the data acquisition system to the output. When power is turned on, they are ready to condition signals for transmission to the readout device.

These units are powered with standard 9-volt alkaline batteries and provide an AC coupled output. Each signal conditioner features a color coded meter on the front panel that monitors sensor operation and detects cable faults.


  • Compact and Portable
  • Battery operation eliminates line noise
  • Easy-to-use
  • Built-in fault meter


  • Vibration testing for low channel counts
  • Low noise acoustic testing
  • Vehicle and component durability tests

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Model Number480B21480C02480E09
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Price:$795.00 USD$245.00 USD$355.00 USD
Channels3 1 1
Frequency Range (-5%)0.15 to 100000 Hz0.05 to 500000 Hz0.15 to 100000 Hz
Frequency Range (-10%)0.15 to 50000 Hz--0.15 to 50000 Hz
Voltage Gain (±2%)1:1 1:1 1:1
Fault/Bias Monitor/Meter (±2V)13 VDC----
Fault/Bias Monitor/Meter (±1V)--13 VDC13 VDC
Temperature Range
32 to 122 °F
0 to 50 °C
32 to 122 °F
0 to 50 °C
32 to 120 °F
0 to 50 °C
Excitation Voltage (To Sensor)25 to 29 VDC25 to 29 VDC25 to 29 VDC
Constant Current Excitation (To Sensor)--2.0 to 3.2 mA2.0 to 3.2 mA
Discharge Time Constant>7 sec>7 sec>7 sec
DC Offset (Maximum)<30 mV--<30 mV
DC Offset--<30 mV--
Spectral Noise (1Hz)
0.4 µV/√Hz
-128 dB
0.25 µV/√Hz
-132 dB
.25 µV/√Hz
-132 dB
Spectral Noise (10Hz)
0.1 µV/√Hz
-140 dB
0.07 µV/√Hz
-143 dB
.07 µV/√Hz
-143 dB
Spectral Noise (100Hz)
.06 µV/√Hz
-144 dB
0.05 µV/√Hz
-146 dB
.05 µV/√Hz
-146 dB
Spectral Noise (1000Hz)
.04 µV/√Hz
-147 dB
0.04 µV/√Hz
-148 dB
.04 µV/√Hz
-148 dB
Spectral Noise (10000Hz)
.04 µV/√Hz
-148 dB
0.03 µV/√Hz
-150 dB
.03 µV/√Hz
-150 dB
Broadband Electrical Noise (1Hz)
3.54 µV rms
-110 dB/rms
3.25 µV rms
-110 dB rms
3.25 µV rms
-110 dB/rms
Power Required (Standard)Internal BatteryInternal BatteryInternal Battery
Internal Battery (Type)9V9V9V
Battery Life (Standard Alkaline)25-40 hours100 hours50 hours
Battery Life (Rechargeable Ni Cad)--36 hours--
Power Required (Alternate)DC PowerDC PowerDC Power
DC Power25 mA5 mA15 mA
Internal Battery (Quantity)333
Electrical Connector (Input, sensor)BNC JackBNC JackBNC Jack
Electrical Connector (Output, scope)BNC JackBNC JackBNC Jack
Electrical Connector (External Power, DC)DIN Jack3.5 mm Diameter Miniature Jack3.5 mm Diameter Miniature Jack
Electrical Connector (Battery Charger)--#722 Switchcraft Jack#722 Switchcraft Jack
Size - Depth
2.0 in
5.0 cm
4 in
10 cm
2.4 in
6.1 cm
Size - Height
7.5 in
19 cm
2.9 in
7.4 cm
4.0 in
10 cm
Size - Width
5.0 in
13 cm
2.2 in
5.6 cm
2.9 in
7.4 cm
Weight (Including Batteries)
1.1 lb
0.5 kg
0.7 lb
0.3 kg
0.7 lb
0.3 kg