for Aerospace & Defense

PCB’s load cell offering includes competitively priced general purpose and fatigue rated low profile load cells, which come in a variety of mechanical configurations such as single or dual bridge. PCB tests each general purpose and fatigue rated, low profile load cell for accuracy and provides temperature compensation. Additional moment compensation is incorporated to minimize sensitivity to extraneous loads.

Our low profile load cells are offered in single and dual bridge, with optional triple bridge configurations for alternate force control and data acquisition needs. Our Series 1200 load cells are used for static testing while the Series 1400 load cells are designed for fatigue testing, and are guaranteed up to 100 million fully reversed compression and tension cycles.

While structural test applications require many types of low profile load cells, PCB offers a wide variety of Rod End, Load Washer, Canister, and S-beam load cells. We also provide a complete line of signal conditioners, cables and accessories to complement our load cells.


  • Static, structural and fatigue testing of aircraft using Dual Bridge Load Cells
  • Landing gear shear pin, fatigue and drop testing with General Purpose Load Cells
  • Aerospace hydraulic pump testing with Rotary Transformers (conforms to AND 10262 & 20002 standards)
  • Aircraft assembly operations such as fasteners and riveting with RS Technologies
  • Tire load and brake torque testing with Reaction Torque sensors
  • Defense vehicle drive train torque testing with TORKDISC®
  • Structural testing on rockets and space vehicles using Dual Bridge Load Cells
  • Space station docking loads and torque simulation with General Purpose Load Cells and Reaction Torque sensors
  • Jet and rocket engine thrust stands using Dual Bridge Load Cells

Telemetry systems are also available for:

  • Aerodynamic and stress studies on rotorcraft blades
  • Gas turbine design verification and stress surveys
  • Torque measurements on aircraft engines
  • Stress and temperature testing on aircraft wheel and brake systems
  • Measurement of torque and vibration on land and sea based propulsion systems using Accumetrics.