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Dual-Mode Charge Amplifiers

Dual-mode charge amplifiers are multi-function signal conditioners for piezoelectric charge mode and ICP® sensors. Additional features of models 443B01 and 443B02 include an ultra-low noise floor, sensor fault detection, overload detection, a built-in calibration reference signal and an RS-232 port for computer control. Model 443B02 includes a long discharge time constant selection which is useful for quasi-static events lasting up to several seconds. This is typically used for ballistics/ammunition testing.

These two models are part of PCB’s Modular Signal Conditioning System. The plug-in signal conditioning modules easily slide out of the chassis. New modules are inserted and screwed in place.


  • Accepts charge and ICP® sensor inputs
  • Front panel keypad and display for easy control
  • Selectable low and high pass filtering
  • Signal integration to velocity and displacement


  • Vibration testing (model 443B01)
  • Ballistics/Ammunition testing (model 443B02)

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