ICP® Time-of-Arrival

High sensitivity micro-pressure sensors are well suited for short wavelength acoustic and shock wave measurements associated with high-frequency projectile detection systems. Incorporating a 1mm square sensing element and integral microelectronics in a 3mm housing, these sensors have very high sensitivity and microsecond response capable of identifying the bow and stern wave from a passing projectile. An internal 8 kHz high-pass filter eliminates low-frequency inputs. Series 132 Microsensors are available in five different physical configurations to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.

Model 132A30 Microsensors all have a sensitivity of 140 mV/psi and come in a variety of external configurations to suit your specific application.


  • Shock wave time-of-arrival ICP® microsensors
  • 50 psi (344 kPa) range
  • Rise time < 3 µsec
  • Resonant frequency > 1M Hz
  • Diaphragm diameter of 0.124 in (3.15 mm)


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