Dual Bridge Load Cells For Aerospace Applications

PCB® manufactures a wide range of high-accuracy, strain gage load cells for aerospace, automotive, industrial, and process control applications.

Series 1400 includes a dual output feature that offers sensor redundancy and the ability to provide control feedback from one sensor while the other is used for data acquisition. These load cells are available in multiple ranges and have a NIST traceable, A2LA accredited calibration to ISO 17025, in both tension and compression directions. Additional features include low deflection, high accuracy and repeatability, thermal compensation and moment compensation.

Fatigue-rated load cells are specifically designed for durability testing machine manufacturers and users, or any application where high cyclic loads are present. Applications include material testing, component life cycle testing, and structural testing. All fatigue-rated load cells are guaranteed against fatigue failure for 100 million fully reversed cycles.


  • Dual Bridge Output
  • High Accuracy
  • Fatigue-rated
  • Temperature & Pressure Moment Compensated
  • NIST Traceable, A2LA Accredited Calibration to ISO 17025
  • High useable frequency range


  • Airframe Structural Test Applications
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Material Testing
  • Rocket Thrust
  • Weighing
  • Process Monitoring
  • Landing Gear Test

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