LabMaster ProfessionAl

For Complete Torque-Angle-Tension Testing & Analysis of Threaded Fastener Components

PCB Model 3200 LabMaster Professional is the key part of a fastener torque-tension test system. It provides complete data acquisition of applied torque, angle of fastener rotation, clamp load and thread torque. This system allows graphing of any input versus any other such as torque vs. angle, torque vs. clamp load, etc., and also provides multiple plotting capabilities so that plots of several tests can be overlaid. When thread torque is measured, the LabMaster Professional can calculate friction coefficients to help determine fastener performance. PCB provides calibration services for this and their other torque and force products at its A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory in Farmington Hills, Michigan..


  • 4-channel data acquisition & signal conditioning
  • I/O signals for drive motor control
  • Windows-based fastener testing & plotting software
  • USB port to interface with Windows® PC


  • Fastener Torque-Tension Testing
  • Prevailing Torque Testing
  • Underhead and Thread Friction Coefficients Determination
  • Yield Determination
  • Angular Ductility/Rotational Capacity Testing
  • Power Tool Testing and Analysis