Mounting Pads for Array Accelerometers

Modal array accelerometers are used to study structural vibrations. Moderate sized to very large structures such as bridges, buildings, storage tanks, ship hulls, aircraft bodies, automobiles, train cars, buses, trucks, and highway supports normally do not have high G excitation, but are subjected to lower frequency excitation lasting for very long periods of time causing material fatigue. The fatigue may cause premature failure of the excited structure components. Failures may manifest themselves as cracks, weakened structures or catastrophic breakage. PCB offers the 333B series accelerometers to study structural vibrations to prevent such failures.

Mounting pads for array accelerometers deliver easily installed mounting pads, along with the supporting interconnecting cables.

Model 080B40


Cable Length
10 ft (3 m)
25 ft (7.6 m)
50 ft (15.2 m)

3-channel cable assemblies of three adhesive mounting bases with integral cables that terminate in three IDC connectors for use with Model 333B accelerometers (available terminating in three BNC plugs by changing the last letter to E, e.g., 009M202/010PE).

Model 080A140

Model 080A140
Mounting pad with 10-32 electrical connector for use with Model 333B31

Model 080A115

Model 080A115
Mounting pad with integral 10 ft (3 m) cable and BNC plug termination for use with Model 333B31